Creating a Group Contact List with Google Forms

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Today is the first day of school and we will be getting a lot of new information. I found this slideshow that shows you how to create group lists using google forms. I am thinking that I will use it when I contact all of my parents to keep track of the information and make sure I ask all the questions I need.


Sample APA document

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Owl at Purdue is an incredible resource for all things writing. Here is a sample APA document from their website that is invaluable as I write my papers.


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I am working on an Action Research paper for my Masters program at Lipscomb. The really cool thing about it is that I am able to use the strategies that I am doing everyday in my classroom as part of my research and action. I am specifically writing the paper on the use of performance contracts with students receiving Moderate Intervention Services (MIS). In addition to using performance contracts, I will be setting up a token economy to see how it affects student performance.

Through the course of my research, I kept coming to the resources from Utah State Office of Education’s Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions (LRBI) and thought I would share that here.

Hello World!

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Hi! I am Reuben Stugart. I decided I needed a place to collect and share my professional ramblings. I am currently a Special Education teacher providing Moderate Intervention Services to students in 6th through 8th grade. I will be using this as a place to share findings that I come across, thoughts and insights regarding those and as a way to connect to other educators. Please join in the conversation with me and read my about page to find out a little more about my experience.